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vCloudPoint is a whole new and eco friendly way of replacing your old desktop computers or adding additional computers to your home, office or school.

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What is vCloudPoint?

About Zero Client Technology

vCloudPoint is a Zero Client device. This means there are no moving parts such as a processor, hard drive, RAM etc. With this Zero Client device, you can deploy up to 99 devices that are connected to a single Windows computer. This helps your organization in saving money, hardware, software and managing your users with simplicity.

Zero Client Features

User Isolation

Each user works in their self-owned work-space. Administrators can set up disk visibility to users.

Optimized Performance

Efficient self-developed Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP) for multimedia and USB support.


Rendering on clients offloads 90% CPU consumption on video play. Support more than 30 1080p videos on an i7 PC.

Customizable UX

The vMatrix Sever Manager is fully featured, and user experience software, allowing you to manage all Zero Client devices connected to the host.

Windows 10 Ready

Support all popular Windows Server, Multipoint, Client systems, including Server 2012R2, Multipoint Server 2012, and 10.

Zero Configuration

The user-friendly interface offers features for novice to advanced users. No configurations on host or clients. Connect to start.

Where can vCloudPoint's be used?


Short answer: Everywhere

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Learn how to connect your vCloudPoint device to our DaaS (Desktop as a Service) cloud.