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CyberGlobalNet is a company that has operated since 2003 in the United States and is the exclusive distributor of the VCloudPoint solution for the North American commercial IT market. We are specialists in innovative IT solutions that allow improving the value of the business and its services, be it for companies, institutions or organizations. VCloudPoint aims to help our clients get the most out of their IT investment, moving the traditional infrastructure to a new centralized, efficient and versatile model.

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Our Core Values Set Us Apart From Our Competitors



We do much more than simply offer products and services. At CyberGlobalNet we develop and market unique products based on the concerns of our partners and customers. Instead of customers being people outside the company, we involve them in their experiences as a source of inspiration for CyberGlobalNet products. To better define ourselves, we are listeners and producers who turn the ideas of our target audience into products. Sometimes we are also visionaries who are one step ahead by realizing what our customers may need


With our Zero Clients we provide a product of the highest quality for a demanding market. We obsess over the small details. That means getting every single little detail right – from perfecting each pixel on the desktop, to reducing the nano-second delays in data delivery. Besides, we never take our eyes away from big issues like scalability, and reliability. So we can deliver the proven solutions you need on your premises and make the most of your budget and resources. Instead of spending on advertising, we devote most of our resources on product refinement and customer service. Through word-of-mouth referrals, we have become one of the most popular computing solutions out there.


CyberGlobalNet is a company of professionals in usability and UX Design, essential elements to reach the customer with an intuitive and easy-to-operate product. We offer advanced and elegantly simple solutions – backed by best practices – to improve user experience. From deployment to management, user interface to inner operation, we continuously test every aspect of our products with real user viewpoint to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. To put it simply, technologies come with us, but experiences intend to stay with the customers.