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VCloudPoint V1 – HDMI – VGA – USB WiFi

vCloudPoint V1 – HDMI – VGA – USB WiFi


CloudPoint Zero Client Model V1, Ultra Small Desktop Computer, Video 1×HDMI,1×VGA, USB 4×USB 2.0, Network 1×RJ45, Audio 1× 3.5 mm input,1× 3.5 mm output, Power Supply 1×5V D.C. Includes USB 802.11n WiFi.

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The vCloudPoint zero client (also called ultra thin client) contains no moving parts but only the necessary hardware & firmware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display desktop output. It centralizes all software, processing, and management to just what is running on the host, leaving little more than a keyboard, mouse, and monitor at a user’s desk. As a result, it requires no driver to install, no patch management, and no local operating system licensing fees or updates. The device consumes very little power and is tamper-resistant and completely incapable of storing any data locally, providing a more secure endpoint.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 13.97 × 16.51 × 5.715 cm


vCloudPoint V1


  • Size 93(W)x90(D)x18(H) mm
  • Net Weight 150g
  • Color Diamond black & moon sliver


  • Video 1×HDMI,1×VGA
  • USB 4×USB 2.0
  • Network 1×RJ45
  • Audio 1× 3.5 mm audio input,1× 3.5 mm audio output
  • Power 1×5V DC

Switch: 1×power/reset switch

Anti-theft Gadget: Yes

Power Consumption Standby:0.2w; Working: 5W (independent of external USB devices)

Display Support: HDMI / VGA


  • Standard (32 bits @ 60Hz) 640×480,800×600,1024×768,1280×1024,1600×1200
  • Wide (32 bits @ 60Hz) 1360×768,1366×768,1440×900,1600×900,1680×1050,1920×1080

Configuration Methods: Host side & Client side Host side & Client side

Audio Support: HQ16 bits, 44.1Khz/ 48Khz,input and output through 3.5 mm jacks or USB ports

Video Support: Full HD 1080p for all media formats (Server-side rendering for local and web-embedded videos on most media players; Client-side rendering for local videos on VLC player 2.1.5 or newer versions)

USB Devices Support: Storage Devices, USB Hubs, Single Multi-functional & Dot Matrix Printers, Smart Card Reader, Office & POS Scanners, Single Touch Screens, Ukeys, Parallel to USB Convertors, most webcams, etc. (An external power supply may be required for devices working on large voltage)


  • Wired 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Wi-Fi optional external Wi-Fi antenna at additional cost: 802.11b/g/n optional external WIFI antenna at additional cost: 802.11b/g/n (not included)

Maximum number of users per shared host: vMatrix Server Manager permits up to 99 users per shared host. Actual number of supported users depends on the host configuration and the type of applications used. Please refer to our Windows PC Requirements page for more information.

Internal hardware: All solid-state design. Therefore, no moving parts, no fans, no local user storage.

Data Security: No local data storage on device. USB data access controlled by user policy.

Reliability(MTBF) >100,000 hours

Environmental: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius 10 to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing) No moving parts permits use in high dust / particulate / vibration environments.


FCC Class A&B, CE, CCC, RoHS compliant, BIS, NOM, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015


vCloudPoint V1 Software:

  • System Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 (excluding Starter, Home Basic and Insider editions),
  • Not Included Software vMatrix Server Manager with Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP)
  • Optional Software vMatrix Classroom Control at additional cost

Additional Information

Box Weight: 250 grams. (Includes 110~220 Volt Adapter, Support and USB Wifi)
Dimensions 13.97 × 16.51 × 5.715 cm